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Welcome to the 3 time Bergen Award winning CSS Enterprise NCC-1701-G, the ninth and newest ship to bear the name and flagship of the United Confederation Fleet. The United Confederation Fleet is perhaps the most ambitious project ever conceived by the species of the Alpha Quadrant. After defeating an unknown enemy that threatened the entire Alpha Quadrant the major powers decided to band together and form a fleet that would be the first line of defense against any species known or unknown that might threaten the entire quadrant again.

Taking a page from Earth's history, the Romulans, Klingons, Federation, Gorn, Hydrans, Lyrans, Orion Confederacy, Cardassians, Kzinti, Tholians, and Talarians all agreed that a united force, similar to that of Earth's historic United Nations, was necessary to ensure the security of the Alpha Quadrant. This new force would have unrestricted access to any member species territories and would be lead by a council of Ambassadors from those member worlds. For the first time in history all the species would work and fight side by side with one another. It has been resurrected now as stronger foes appear and limited resources threaten to plunge the galaxy into darkness.

The CSS Enterprise is currently one of the most advanced ships in the UCF and is the only ship leased by all governments to incorporate not only Federation technology but Romulan and Klingon as well, and the only one of two ships with a lease for the Romulan parts, the other belonging to Astate Colony. Enterprise G is currently under the command of Lieutenant General James Archer and his Executive Officer Commander Paul Errsi with it's Task Force commanded by Admiral Jason Roberts. The CSS Enterprise is an e-mail sim but also runs a live sim, to help keep the crew together, on the 1st and last Thursday each month, at 9:00pm Eastern (6:00pm Pacific, 8:00pm Central, 10:00pm AST, 2:00am GMT and 1:00pm Wednesdays AEDT). To find your current local time in relation to the Eastern Standard Time please look to the left under the Current Date Time box. The SIMs, or episodes, take place in #USS-Enterprise, on the KDFSNet servers. Go To chat now to chat with us now. To see what positions are available on the Enterprise, please click on the "Personnel" link at the top.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the command team.

Feel free to look around the database at your leisure.

We hope you enjoy exploring the CSS Enterprise. The crew of the Enterprise would like to thank you for your visit, and look forward to serving with you on board the CSS Enterprise NCC-1701-G.

Latest News Items

» Shoreleave Log

Posted on 241403.26 @ 16:54 by Commander Paul Errsi in General News

We're going to use the shoreleave log as a check-in for those of you who haven't been posting lately. PM me for an invite and come and have fun. The log will run a couple of weeks and then will be posted as we move on to the next mission.

- Paul

» Apologies for not being active

Posted on 241403.18 @ 14:14 by Lieutenant Sekaya Morak in General News

Hi guys

I wanted to apologise for not logging even though I answered to the conclusion log but I did that through Cmdr. Errsi who I thank.

I have moved into my own place and am settling in. I'll be more active now as long as my phone battery holds out.

» Shoreleave

Posted on 241403.11 @ 13:14 by Commander Paul Errsi in General News

With the posting of "A la Morte, Part 4," Requiem is officially over. Thanks to all of you who put in the time, wrote and added your part to this chapter of the Enterprise story.

Wolf and I are already in the middle of working on the next plot. For the next two weeks, you may assume shoreleave on Earth. The alien ship has gone ahead into a high warp state of transit, the Midas Array and Triton Station are being rebuilt, and travel is now open to and from Earth. Have fun, enjoy, and be ready for the next plot coming up.

- Paul

» Disappearance

Posted on 241403.09 @ 15:37 by Lieutenant General James Archer in General News

Hey All,

I wanted to apologize for disappearing on everyone. I have gotten a job at Walmart and it has just drained me, IRL I am in a wheelchair and never gotten a job doing anything physical so it kinda shocked my body hehe.

I will be getting on joint logs, I am able to answer logs on my phone during my lunch break and I should be able to answer in the evening as well. If you have sent a jl please resend and I'll start answering those today.

Again, I really am sorry about disappearing, but, I should be a lot better now :)


» Requiem Conclusion

Posted on 241403.05 @ 17:35 by Commander Paul Errsi in General News

Hey gang,

I've just put up the last solo conclusion log and we can start tying off loose ends to unite all the plots together in Conclusion log 4. Wherever you guys are, go ahead and wrap up and when you're ready to be done, have a flash of light end your scene.

We'll assume that flash brings everyone into the Conclusion log 3 to see Paul's conversation (already written) and then to appear in the room in Conclusion log 4. Once log 4 is done, we'll get underway to go meet up with Archer.

Log 4 has a tag for everyone at the top to pay their respects, then tags for Paul interacting with everyone (think informal debrief), then an open tag for anything you want to do before heading back over to Enterprise. IC, we'll spend a few days in orbit, get things stitched up, and then head to find Archer.

Logs need to be finished by Sunday, March 9th. After that, we'll be moving things along. If you have any questions, PM me.

- Paul

Latest Mission Posts

» Loss of a Friend

Mission: Shoreleave
Posted on 241404.15 @ 12:45 by Admiral Jason Roberts SFMoH

Jason reread the message on his terminal one last time, after what seemed hundreds of times. The former President of the Federation had passed away. This left Jason feeling dazed and in a state of disbelief. The Fleet Admiral had been a friend to Jason and his family for years,…

» Chloe's New Home

Mission: The Blind - Archer Side Plot
Posted on 241403.31 @ 14:07 by Lieutenant Nicholas Moore & Commander Amanda Duquesne

Amanda, Nick and Chloe made their way from the Main Shuttlebay to Nick's Quarters to show Chloe where she would be spending most of her time, as it was decided on the way back to the ship that since Nick found Chloe, that he should have "custody" of her, but…

» Conclusion: A la Morte, Part 4

Mission: Requiem
Posted on 241403.26 @ 16:27 by Commander Paul Errsi & Commander Amanda Duquesne & Lieutenant Colonel Morgan "Valkyrie" D'varo & Commander Frey "Bandit" Ayyn'vida & Lieutenant Sekaya Morak

=/\= Alien Ship's Bridge =/\=

With that, flashes of light began to appear around the room. First a smartly dressed businessman, then an older woman in the uniform of a Starfleet Admiral, then the Enterprise team of MACOs, Jael and Cameron and the President's entourage. Flash after flash came until…

» Flight duty

Mission: Requiem
Posted on 241403.10 @ 16:30 by Commander Paul Errsi & Lieutenant Michael Banks & 1st Lieutenant Timothy Cummings

as i leave the holo deck I head to my quarters and take a shower and change clothes,then after eating i tap my comm badge "Lt Banks I`m on my way where will i find you?". as i walk down the corridoor PADD in hand i start to place parts…

» MACO Away Team

Mission: Requiem
Posted on 241403.10 @ 01:57 by Lieutenant Colonel Morgan "Valkyrie" D'varo & Commander Paul Errsi & Major Kasey "Frost Bite" Kane & Major Marcelle "Cobra" Roberts

Morgan glanced at the rest of her team. The mission they'd been tasked with wasn't going to be easy, however D'varo couldn't ignore its urgency either. Her thoughts were interrupted by a call from their pilot.

"ETA to LZ, 2 minutes."

Her attention shifted back to the task at hand.…

Latest Personal Logs

» A Series of Unfortunate Events

Posted on 241310.15 @ 21:31 by Lieutenant JG Jael Tilara

"SD241310.2 If the first day was fruitless, and yesterday was unfortunate, today was downright dreadful. It was today that I was told that Captain Errsi was last seen on holodeck 4, reviewing the Earth incident and proposed lines of approach, so to the holodecks I went. Locating the holodeck in…

» An Unfortunate Event

Posted on 241310.14 @ 22:08 by Lieutenant JG Jael Tilara

"SD241310.2 Yesterday proved fruitless in my attempts to report to Commander Errsi. So today, I redoubled my efforts...
The turbolift whirred as it carried Jael to the bridge, the last place the acting captain was purported to be. As the door slid open, her eyes scanned the room, landing…

» Stardate 241310.1 - A New Arrival

Posted on 241310.13 @ 23:49 by Lieutenant JG Jael Tilara

The activity on Nimitz and Enterprise seemed as if a beehive had been thrown into a hornet's nest, buzzing and chaotic, and resulting in a stinging barb if the wrong occupant was disturbed. Lieutenant Junior Grade Jael Tilara was perhaps the only one on either base or ship who was…

» Interesting Turns of Events

Posted on 241310.01 @ 22:41 by Commander Amanda Duquesne

=/= Deck 5, Amanda's Quarters =/=

Amanda came in to her quarters unzipped her uniform jacket and threw it on the couch over near the medium sized window that looked out onto space. The ship was still in orbit of Starbase Nimitz and the Engineering and Operations crews, at least…

» Stardate 241302.03

Posted on 241302.03 @ 19:55 by Commander Paul Errsi

First day on Enterprise was a pretty full one. The XO, Commander Duquesne, was there to greet me on the transporter pad, and she showed me around what is an amazing ship. I'll admit, using a singularity as a power source seems much riskier to me than any of our…